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Top things that you didn’t know you could do on EnterVOID

By March 20, 2017No Comments

You can always do collaborative comics.

At any time, you can team up with a friend to draw against another team. Email to set up a special format comic.

Your comics don’t need to take place in Void City.

Although this is very common, you can actually have your comics in any setting you wish.

You don’t need to stick to your opponent’s canon story line.

…and your opponent doesn’t have to stick to yours either. You can interpret characters in different ways, and you don’t need to 100% stick to previous comic story lines. Sometimes doing this isn’t received well, so be cautious.

You can set up your own mini event with your friends.

If you want your own mini-event, you can submit one for review. Read more here.

You don’t need to submit a character that can fight.

Although there are many fighting characters, you do not need to have a character that can fight. Any genre of comic is acceptable. Try out slice of life, romance, or whatever genre you feel like.

You can battle with another person’s character instead of your own.

That’s right. You can use another artist’s character instead of your own with their permission! The artist would get the points towards their artist score, but the character would receive the points for their overall score. This affects the win/loss ratio as well.  This is only suggested if you really trust the other person to handle your character. Just email to set up a special match.

You can submit a solo comic to expand upon your character’s storyline.

If you’d like to make a comic without the pressure of winning or losing, set up a Beyond Battle. You can expand upon stories or set up a new story arc. You can either set a time limit to motivate you to finish, or draw at your own pace. Read more about comic types here.

You can talk with your opponent before you set up a scar match.

Do you want to do a scar match but you are scared about the outcome? It’s totally ok to talk to your opponent beforehand about what you are comfortable with. There is no guarantee that your opponent will honor your request, but most people will. Make sure that you enter a scar match at your own risk.

 Artist matches are also an option.

Artist matches can be centered around a theme, or they can be whatever you’d like! Artist matches do not involve characters. Set up an artist match with an opponent to flex your creative muscles.

You can use dead characters in Beyond Battles.

Even though you can’t use them in normal matches, you can still use your dead characters in a beyond battle if you’d still like to use them in a story.


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