How Tournament Participants are Selected

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In many of Void’s tournaments, there will be a limited number of entrants allowed to participate. In cases where there are more sign ups than available slots, the Void staff will determine who will be cut.

Why make cuts? Why not let everyone in?
Void has been around for a very long time and we have a pretty good idea of what types of formats work best. In our experience, tournaments that go on for an excessive amount of time, or have too many rounds, tend to have less than stellar results. This can either mean that comic quality slips due to fatigue, artists take time off from the site after a long tournament because they feel burnt out, or they won’t turn in a comic at all. We don’t want the tournament participants to burn out, and we want to try to ensure that high-quality entertaining comics are posted. We also try to avoid 3-way finales, unless the event calls for it. For the best results for everyone, we try to keep tournament participation limited in most cases.
We understand that it can be disappointing to not get into a tournament. We make cuts to make sure that the event has the best chance of success.

Who decides who gets into a tournament?
The Void staff. Staff has lengthy discussions about the merits of each artist and spend time researching the records of each applicant. It typically comes down to a vote.

What determines if I get into a tournament or not?
Starting in 2021, each tournament will have a priority type assigned. The requirements for each are stated below.

Tournament Priority Types

The most important thing is your comic record on Void. It’s important to staff, and your opponents, that we let people into tournaments that will deliver the best comic they can, based on their record. Recent defaults and incomplete comics count heavily against you. It’s important to note that defaults that are not recent on your record are not counted against you. If you do have a default for any reason, completing more comics can lessen that strike against you.
Another factor is your participation and effort. If you’ve been drawing a lot of comics that show you’re really pushing to improve, that will definitely be a plus.
We do not factor in your wins or losses. Your drawing ability is not taken into account, but your effort is. For example, if you can draw really well but are submitting incomplete comics, you will not have the edge against a less skilled artist who is doing their absolute best.
In the case of really close cuts, staff scrutinizes more closely based on things such as consistency, incompletes and other merits or demerits.

What if I am fairly new and I don’t have a huge record?
If we haven’t seen much from you yet, that can be a factor against you. Unless otherwise specified, we will prioritize members that have a few regular comics under their belt. If you don’t have a big record of comics drawn, go send out a challenge or set up an open challenge. We want to see that you can manage your time well and produce a complete comic under pressure. There are always events on Void, so if you can’t get into one, there will be another soon enough.

Open Priority
For tournaments with open priority, we will let as many people in as possible. These are typically for Speed Death Tournaments or Invitational Tournaments.

Selective Priority
This means that the event has specific limitations based on character traits and/or race.  (i.e. toons only, magical girls, fantasy races, etc.)  If the number of entrants exceeds the tournament restrictions then selection will default to record priority.

Score Priority
This means that we take the same things that record priority takes into consideration, but we also factor in your scores on quality, creativity and entertainment. This is usually reserved for things like Heavyweight and Armageddon events.



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