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Introducing the VOID BattlePass.

How it Works

Suppose you’re a brand new member and you want to participate in the community right away.

There are now two ways to go about this:

1) You can submit your first character the traditional way. Simply upload a fully colored design sheet, a character icon, a 2–4 page intro comic, and a bio, and the Approval Committee will review it and either approve it or send it back to you with some notes on how to improve your submission. You can read more about submitting a character the traditional way here.

Once your first character has been approved, you will be awarded a BattlePass. (An  icon will appear by your name on your profile and in the forums to show that are you are a card carrying battler now).
With the BattlePass, you have the right to battle and create comics on the site, and you can now make new characters without having to create more intro comics. You can have up to 3 living characters submitted without an intro comic at a time.

2) Suppose you have the character design sheet ready but you’re stuck on that introduction comic? Now you can submit the character sheet as a Provisional Character.
Until an introduction comic is approved however, you will not have gained a BattlePass and your profile will display a
icon to show that your BattlePass has yet to be unlocked.

In this phase, you can submit up to three characters maximum as Provisional Characters. Without the BattlePass, you cannot use these characters yet in comics and many events, but there are still many ways to use this character on the site.
Provisional characters can be loaned out to BattlePass users who want to battle with them. Meaning, a member with a BattlePass can battle using your character if you grant them permission. 

As a Provisional member, you’re also allowed to write for another artist for a battle in which such a setup is agreed upon by all parties involved.
You may write for your own character as long as a BattlePass carrying member draws. This provision has been added to help foster interaction with the community and to encourage more writers to join in the fun.

And as long as you submit an approved introduction comic for any Provisional character, you will unlock The BattlePass and its benefits.


To Summarize:


Members without a BattlePass can:

  1. Write for another artist’s character’s comics as long as all relevant parties are in agreement.
  2. Submit up to 3 Provisional Characters with design sheets.
  3. Participate in a qualifying event or tournament using a provisional character (most commonly death tournaments and invitationals).
    1. If the character dies, then the slot they occupied as a Provisional Character becomes vacant and you may submit another character to fill the Max 3 Limit.
    2. If you complete a comic of at least two pages during the event or tournament, it will meet the requirement for a BattlePass without requiring a full character submission.
  4. Lend a Provisional Character to an artist with a BattlePass for a comic. You may write for this comic if you both agree to it.
  5. Participate in art jams and other non-comic fun with your Provisional Characters.
  6. Add an introduction comic to a Provisional Characters at any time to apply for a BattlePass.


Members with a BattlePass can:

  1. Participate in regular comic matches, beyond battles, and artist matches.
  2. Apply for entry to all tournaments and events.
  3. Submit up to 3 characters with or without an intro comic.
  4. Add intro comics to existing characters.
  5. Borrow a character from another artist with their permission and make comics with them.

For all our registered members who have already been a part of the site: You will automatically be granted a BattlePass and will gain all of its privileges.

I have a BattlePass but I want to submit my character the traditional way with an intro comic. Can I do that?
Yes, you have the choice to submit either way.

I want to submit a character without an intro comic with my BattlePass, are there any requirements or restrictions?
You must submit a properly sized design sheet that shows your character, a character bio, and the character icon. We reserve the right to decline entries that violate copyrights, are excessively sloppy, are not properly sized, or are missing any part of the required submission elements.

I have a provisional character and I am ready to submit intro pages for them now. How do I update my character and have them reviewed?
Simply go to that character’s profile, fill out the information, then click submit for approval.

I am a writer and not an artist, what can I do?

You can submit a character sheet drawn by another person for you, with their explicit permission, as a provisional character. You can then loan your character out, or pair with an artist to draw a comic you write.