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How to file a complaint/report a membe

NOTE – Void staff cannot assist with third party reports. Please encourage the individual(s) directly affected by the issue to contact the Global moderators for assistance. We DO accept 3rd party complaints (you are considered a 3rd party if you are not directly involved) for instances of discriminatory language, spam, threats of physical harm, or other issues that require immediate intervention. If you’re not certain whether your content falls under this, it doesn’t hurt to bring it to our attention just in case!

Content and behavior that puts voiders at risk or makes them feel unwelcome is something we don’t want to encourage or condone, so sometimes Globmods have to step in. Global moderators are on hand to address harmful content and behaviors that do not align with EnterVOIDs rules and guidelines on our website as well as the official discord server. If you experience or see something that you believe needs to be reviewed, please file a report.



Frequently asked questions

When should I file a complaint and report someone?
If you’re not sure if you should file a report, you can view our Conduct Rules for the EnterVOID discord server here – Official Rules
If you are experiencing unwanted behavior from a fellow void member, you can mute or block them so they can’t contact or communicate with you.

How to Block a User on Discord


How do I report someone? What is a global moderator?
To submit a report, you can directly DM a glob mod on the Discord server. They’ve been tasked to mediate issues and keep the peace. They had be found on the member list under Global moderator. Look for the purple usernames!
You can report via email. will go to Red, Jade, Pyras & Toast.
Sometimes messages will go to spam, so please reach out via Discord if you do not get a response from us in a timely manner.


A voider is harassing/bullying my friend!
We cannot accept this form of complaint because you are not the affected party, much less can we confirm if your friend gave consent to you reporting for their sake. We urge that the directly affected party come to us to assure the report is genuine and they want action taken.


What happens after I a submit a report?
After you make a report, it is investigated by staff. We will take action according to our policies.


I submitted a report. Did anything happen?
We will confirm that your report was seen, however on a basis of confidentiality we will not dive into the details of the actions taken upon your case unless formally denied.


If I keep reporting someone, will they eventually get banned?
The frequency of complaints against a member does not determine whether they’ll get banned. If someone is continuously reported but hasn’t broken any rules or violated any guidelines, there is no reason to take action.

If I report someone and they get banned, will they know it was me?
No. Member safety and privacy are important to us, so even if a report is made and action is taken, the affected member will never know who filed a complaint reporting them.

Something inappropriate is happening in Voicechat/was posted in artshow/linked in general right now!!
Ping a globmod! You can do so by typing @Global Moderator in the chat

You can also DM one of the globmods directly with a link to the post in question or details of the situation.