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Step 1: Ideas

You can submit almost anything you’d like as a character, as long as its your own original idea. Many members have characters that can fight, but don’t feel pressured to do that if that’s not your thing. You can also submit 2 or more characters together as a team. They will count as a single character. You can also submit additional characters after you’ve spent some time with your first one. We have a huge variety of characters, so don’t be afraid to be creative.

Story setting

If you’ve read any comics on VOID, you’ve probably seen Void City mentioned. Void City is a common setting in many members’ comics. It is in no way required. You can have your comic take place in any location or time period. If you choose to use Void City, you can depict the city in any way you’d like. Most people depict it as a crime-ridden metropolis, but again, setting is entirely up to you.

Character motivation and creation

When thinking about your character, consider their motivations. If they are in Void City, why did they come here? Were they born here? Are they looking for someone or something? How will they interact with other characters? You may really want to draw a battle scene, but also consider the reasons behind the fight.

Step 2: Design sheet & Incubator

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to do, you should create a design sheet for your character.

Design Sheet Requirements

1. Your design sheet must be in full color. The quality must be high, and no sketches or incomplete drawings will be accepted.

2. You must provide at least 2 angles for your character.
2a. Mandatory: Front view in a static pose. This means standing in a non-action pose.
2b. Mandatory: Secondary view (back view encouraged). If your character has any specific details on their back, then choosing a back view is mandatory. We strongly recommend that you draw a back view. If you feel a different view would be more informative, you may draw a different angle to better show your character’s features. For example, a side profile. Drawing an additional front view is not acceptable.
2c. Any other angle or pose that is needed to clearly explain your character. Your submission will be declined if you do not provide enough angles or information for a complex character. This is especially important with non-human anatomy.
2d. Clearly show any important weapons, accessories, clothing details, outfits, tattoos, scars, etc. This can be drawn separately on the design sheet if you wish.

The Incubator

The incubator is a section of the forum for people to post their characters for critique before they are submitted. The Incubator is not necessary, but it is strongly suggested because it helps prepare your submission.

Step 3: Intro comic

You must include a 2-4 page comic that introduces us to your character. These do NOT have to be in color, unlike the design sheet. This short comic should give us a feel for your character’s personality, powers, motivation etc.
Intro comics should represent your BEST work. Rushed, sloppy or unfinished submissions will be rejected. Again, we recommend the Incubator for critique before you submit.

Step 4: Submitting your character

When you’re ready, submit your character here. You will need to write a brief bio, and submit a 50 x 50 pixel icon as well. Please keep bio’s as short as you can within reason.

Please also read about the new BattlePass here.

Tips for getting approved

  • Do NOT submit huge files. Double check that your files can be viewed comfortably online. About 1000 px wide is fine.
  • If your character is not human, make sure you draw a human so we know you can. Basic human anatomy skills are required.
  • Don’t forget backgrounds. You MUST demonstrate that you can also draw backgrounds to be accepted.
  • Sloppy work will be rejected. Take your time!
  • A less-skilled artist who puts in maximum effort will be accepted before a highly-skilled artist who submits something sloppy.

After you submit

After you submit your character, the council and approval committee will weigh in on your submission. They will give you critique and feedback. Once a decision is made, you’ll receive an email with the verdict. This can take a couple of days.

My submission was declined, what now?

Review the reasons for the rejection given to you in your email. You are certainly welcome to try again, and we always encourage artists to get feedback from the community in the incubator.

I’m approved, what now?

For the next week, your intro comic will be up for voting. You can challenge artists and accept artists right away.
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