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EnterVOID is a place for creative people who love making comics,
and want to hone their skills through competition.

Our goal is to create an environment that encourages artistic growth through competition and a supportive community.
We welcome all genres of writing, all artistic styles and all skills levels. Collaborative efforts are also encouraged.

A fighter? A normal human? A team of villains? It’s all good.

Draw a comic in your preferred style in the pre-determined time limit.

Members will vote on the quality, creativity and entertainment for each comic.

“What kind of character can I create?”

Pretty much anything that isn’t protected by copyright. It all depends on what kind of story you’d like to tell. There are plenty of fighters in VOID, including teams of 2 or more characters, but also regular humans, animals and even the planet Jupiter. We encourage you to pick whichever original character of yours that you enjoy drawing the most.
Read more about making a character.

“How do comic matches work?”

After you’ve created your character, challenge another artist. Set the drawing time for 1-4 weeks, then get to work. You will be graded on the quality, creativity and entertainment of your comic. The style and plot of the comic is entirely up to you. The characters can fight, go on a date, team up together, or do whatever else you can think of. After 1 week of voting, the comic with the most points wins. Most people do standard matches, but we also have riskier options if you’re confident enough.
Read more about battles

“What types of matches are there?”

If you’re up for a more riskier type of match, there are a few options. Scar matches let you change your opponent’s design in some way. If you want even higher stakes, you can always do a death match. You can also collaborate with other artists in a tag team match.
Read more about match types