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The rules for VOID are broken up into 3 parts:
1. Rules for posting a comic on VOID.
2. Participation Rules
3. Code of Conduct

Rules for posting a comic on VOID

All comics are reviewed by staff before posting them for voting. EnterVOID staff will remove your entry, resulting in a default on your part, if you fail to meet the requirements.

1. All required characters must be visually represented in your comic entry.

1a. The definition of a required character is as follows:
The character is involved in the match. For example: In TL Bot vs Mimi the Mime, both artists would need to draw a comic that depicts both TL Bot and Mimi the Mime.

1b. Non-Death Matches (Normal & Scar): In the case of multi-being characters, for example: “Girl & Dog” where the character consists of a team of two or more beings, you only have to depict one of the characters. In this case, you could draw just “Girl” or just “Dog” in your comic and it would be acceptable.

1c. Death Matches: ALL appropriate characters must be drawn. This includes YOUR characters and theirs. ALL of your opponent’s characters must die in the comic.

1d. Definition of a Team character: to determine which character needs to be drawn or killed in your comic, you need to refer to the name of the character itself.
Example A:
‘Amazing Team’ consists of 3 different characters – Amazing Boy, Amazing Girl, and Amazing Dog.
Death Match: you would need to kill all 3 characters and include your own character in the comic.
Scar match: you would need to scar at least one of the characters as a minimum. You also have the option of scarring just 2, or all 3.
You must also include your character in the comic.

Normal Match: You can draw any number of the Amazing Team characters, and you must also include your own.
Example B:
‘Charlie Smith’ is the name of a character. On his design sheet, the artist included Charlie’s dog. The dog is often drawn with Charlie, however the dog is not included in the name of the character.

Death match: you would be required to kill Charlie and include your character.
Scar match: you would be required to scar Charlie, as well as include your own character. Scarring the dog would not count.
Normal match: you would be required to draw Charlie and your own character.

1e. The visual representation of the characters must be in comic form. Drawing a character in a “cover” or “pin-up” style illustration as the only representation of the character is not acceptable. The character must be drawn in your sequential story.

1f. The visual representation must be clear. If a comic is very sloppy or sketches, it must be at least clear which characters are which. For example, drawing a stick figure and saying it is one of the required characters would not be acceptable. The moderation team will make this determination on a case-to-case basis.

Action taken for breaking this rule: Your comic will not be posted, resulting in an immediate default.

2. Entries must be sequential An entry that is simply a ‘pin up’, ‘cover’, or an image of text is not a valid submission.

2a. Entries must be 2 or more sequential images that tell a story. Single images are not acceptable. Images that are just text are not acceptable.

3. Art and stories in comics must be your own, unless stated otherwise.

3a. Collaborative comics are allowed, but they must be set up that way. Your opponent MUST be aware whether they are being challenged by a team or by an individual. Having someone thumbnail, pencil, ink, color, write, etc. without disclosing that information is considered cheating.

3b.Getting advice or opinions from other artists is allowed, but you MUST create the comic completely on your own.
Action taken for breaking this rule: If it is discovered that you had someone else working on your comic that you did not disclose upfront, your comic will be considered a default. You will also be banned from battling for a period of time to be decided by the council – minimum 1 month. Repeat offenders will be banned.



Participation Rules

Please note that this is for the website itself.

1. Character designs and comics cannot violate copyrights.

Your art and designs must be original. Parodies are acceptable in some cases, but all content is subject to review by the council.
Action taken for breaking this rule: Submitting a character that violates copyright law will result in a decline. Submitting a comic that violates copyright law will be considered a default. This will be up to the discretion of the Council.

2. Comic drawing deadlines are final. Any content uploaded or emailed to admins after the deadline is not valid.

We are not responsible if you upload incorrect images, or corrupted files, or if you lose your internet connection right before the deadline. No exceptions.

Action taken for breaking this rule: If you attempt to circumvent the drawing deadline, you might face a temporary ban from battling. The severity of your offense will be evaluated by administration before a punishment is given.

3. Once posted for voting, you cannot change your comic or alter any pages in any way.

You may overwrite what you have uploaded as many times as you want before the deadline. We will change the order of the pages if there is an ordering error, but you cannot replace a file.

4. Dead characters cannot participate in normal matches, unless it starts during a special event which allows them to (such as Month of the Dead).

Dead characters can participate in Annihilation matches all year. Dead characters can also participate in beyond battles.

5. Characters that have lost a scar match cannot enter another battle until their design sheet has been updated to reflect the new changes.

You are expected to draw your character as they appear on their design sheet post-scar. While failure to draw a scar in a match is not considered a default, it is considered bad sportsmanship. Unwillingness to draw your character with the scar will have a negative impact on your chances of getting into tournaments that involve scars and will reflect negatively on yourself in the community.

When you update your character’s design sheet, you can contact a member of staff to review your character to reactivate them.

6. Tracing art is not allowed.

You cannot trace art from sources that you did not create yourself. Using reference is allowed, blatant tracing is not.

Action taken for breaking this rule: If you are caught tracing, your comic will be taken down and considered a default. You will be banned from posting comics for a period of time determined by the council – minimum of 1 month. Repeat offenders will be banned from posting comics for 1 year minimum.
Please ask an admin for clarification if you are unsure if a certain reference is allowed.

7. Comic battles must be drawn in the time frame given. Starting earlier than the given start time is prohibited.

Action taken for breaking this rule: If you start drawing a comic before the comic countdown has started, you will be given an immediate default. You will be banned from battling for a period of time to be determined by council – minimum of 3 months. Repeat offenders will be banned.

8. In order to cancel a battle, all artists involved MUST agree to the cancellation.

All involved parties must inform a battle manager stating that they agree to cancel the battle.



Conduct Rules for

Please note that this is for the website itself, and we have a different set of rules that are specific to our discord server. The main difference between the website and Discord is that NSFW content is freely allowed on the website, but it is either not allowed or must be censored on Discord.

1. Votes from comics must come from legitimate accounts. Urging others to join the site just to vote for you is not allowed.

Action taken for breaking this rule: If you show this type of unsportsmanlike conduct, you will be banned from participating in comic battles or voting for a minimum of 3 months. Repeat offenses may result in a permanent ban.

2. Votes on comics that are considered unfair will be removed.

Action taken for breaking this rule: If you give out votes that are considered extremely biased, you might have your voting privileges revoked. What is a cheat vote and what is not is determined by the Council. A cheat vote is generally considered to be an undeserved low score for one comic and an extremely high score for another.

3. Harassment or hateful language will not be tolerated.

Action taken for breaking this rule: This will be dealt with on a case to case basis. Punishment could include being temporarily banned from the site. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

4. The following is not allowed on comic comments:

– Bullying, taunting, hate speech, or abusive comments
– Personal attacks
– Disparaging remarks or insults
– Comments unrelated to the comic being commented on
– Spam
More about commenting and critiquing 

Conduct Rules for the EnterVOID discord server

Please note that this is for the Discord Server.
Violating the rules of the server will result in a DM from one of our Global Moderators explaining the situation.
Infractions can have different levels of severity. If you have multiple severe infractions, this can result in a ban from the server. A moderator will give you a warning depending on the severity of the infraction.
Please note that we only have authority over the Official Discord server and the site itself. Any side-server that is related to VOID has it’s own rules and the mods here will not intervene on external websites or servers.

1. Please be respectful.

This means showing general politeness and decency towards other people. We will not tolerate harassment (this can include deliberate misgendering/misidentification), shaming or discrimination of any kind.

2. NSFW Guidelines:

Please note that these rules apply to our Discord server only. We do allow NSFW content within the comics on our site. Please view with discretion and read posted warnings and ratings for content.

On the server, you may NEVER post, or link to:

– Pornography and/or explicit material
– Sexually suggestive pieces (ie: clothing, composition, shots, posing, etc.)
– Excessive body horror, gore, and/or violence (ie: internal body parts being exposed externally)
– Ideologically sensitive and/or commonly objectionable content

Please be aware that “Implied NSFW” is also prohibited in the Discord server.

Note: We previously had a rule about certain content needing a spoiler tag, this is no longer the case. Content that violates the rules, censored or not, will be removed.
We encourage you to use the spoiler tag at your own discretion. Again, you cannot post images that are against the rules with a spoiler. But, using a spoiler tag for content that might be sensitive to some is a good practice. Some examples would include blood, animal death, and bugs.

Please be considerate to people who are browsing at work, school, or in public.
It is up to server staff to make the final call on which images are appropriate or not and we reserve the right to delete your image.

If you have questions over whether or not your content falls under these distinctions, or someone else’s post may be inappropriate, please contact a Global Moderator for clarification before posting.

3. Please consider how everyone may be affected by your posts.

Members on our Discord have differing views on what is acceptable to say or joke about. Even if you don’t mean anyone direct harm, here are some examples of things that we will take various steps to address depending on the case and the severity:
-slurs of any variety– even when non-targeted or self-referential
-posting extremely offensive/disturbing content without a content warning
-posting spoilers without a spoiler tag
-spreading rumors
-posting images that are SFW, but still heavily imply something sexual or explicit.
These types of posts can have a negative impact on people and should be avoided as much as reasonably possible.

4. Please try to keep on-topic as much as possible.

If you notice a conversation you are having is getting carried away and should go in a different channel, please try to move to the most appropriate location as much as possible.