Submitting a comic for a match

If you are ready to submit your comic, click on the manager tab, then “upload a comic“.

The first option you see will be to upload a Beyond Battle. Do NOT upload your comic as a beyond battle. You will need to scroll down to the comic match in progress and select it.

Add Pages

You can now upload your comic pages from your computer.
To re-order your pages, simply drag & drop.
Click on the trash can icon to delete.
There is no confirmation button, once your pages are shown, you can navigate away from the page.
Please double check the size of your files once you have uploaded them!

Upload Guidelines & Tips

We strongly suggest that you re-size your pages to be viewed comfortably online.
A page width of around 800px – 1000px is recommended.
The uploader will not accept extremely large files. If you are having trouble, check your file size.
The uploader will accept .jpg, .gif, and .png
Avoid special characters in your file names.
Please also use the PREVIEW feature to double check your uploads.

The uploader won’t cooperate, what do I do?

First, double check your file size and file type.
You can send your pages to and we will assist you.
In your email, please include your Void username and which match you are having trouble with.

I want custom thumbnails for my match

Thumbnails are automatically generated by the site. If you’d like custom ones used to avoid potential spoilers, you need to create them yourself.
Thumbnails are 150px high by 100px wide and must be in .jpg format
Thumbnails MUST be named:
thumb01.jpg, thumb02.jpg … thumb10.jpg etc.
Please make your thumbnails that EXACT size with those EXACT file names. Even if you want all of the thumbnails to be identical, you must send us individual files for each page.
You can to send your thumbnails to