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What is the level of skill that is required to participate?

Any skill level of artist is free to post on our forums for feedback. However, for the character submissions we do have a minimum skill level. In order to get a better idea of the skill levels on VOID, it’s a good idea to look around at the artists that have been accepted. Read more about submitting a character here.

Do my comics HAVE to take place in VOID City?

No, not at all. Although using Void City as a setting is extremely common, you do not have to have your comic take place there.

Do I HAVE to show my opponent in my comic?

Yes, in fact if you fail to include your character or your opponent in your comic then you will be disqualified.

How do I cancel a match?

Both you and your opponent(s) must mutually agree to cancel the comic. All involved parties must email saying that you’d like to cancel.

Older characters have win/lose poses, do I have to do these?

Win and Lose poses were a feature that was discontinued several years ago. They used to be a requirement for character entries. They serve no purpose and are not required now.

Can I create an NPC for the site?

Yes, feel free to post yours here, or see more characters.

My character got scarred, do I have to draw the scar?

Yes. After you lose a scar match, you must first update your design sheet before you can battle again. Ignoring your scar will result in disqualification. Remember to take scar matches seriously and only enter them at your own risk.

My battle failed to upload! What do I do?

Please read here for more information.

I found *insert random bug or problem* on the site! What do I do?

You can report them in the bug thread.

My character was declined, but I didn’t receive a message explaining why?

First, check your spam folder just in case. Unfortunately sometimes certain emails refuse to accept messages from Void. Email if you have any questions and we will give you a summary.

Who do I contact when something breaks?

My character is listed as inactive/retired, how can I un-retire them?

You can go to your character’s page and in the upper-right is the current status. Mouse-over on that, and click the link for Unretire. In some situations, your character was retired or made inactive because you lost a scar match and never updated the design sheet. In that situation, obviously update your character’s design sheet. Please contact staff if there is an issue.

I want to submit a character team, is that okay?

Yes. You must represent them all on a single design sheet. They technically count as a single character.

I already have a character in but want a second one! Is that okay?

Yes, you can have multiple characters. However, we will not accept a second or third character until you have used your other ones a few times.

Does my submitted character have to be soley for Void or can I use them elsewhere too?

Your characters belong to you and you can use them in any way you’d like.

What are beyond battles?

Beyond Battles, or BB’s, are character based comics with no opponent. Usually people make BB’s to fill in parts of their storyline. You can set a time limit for drawing a BB, or you can submit a finished one. You can’t default on a beyond battle, but feel free to use the timer if that helps motivate you to finish.

Can I post adult material?

Yes, but most members would appreciate if you inform them it’s NSFW. Please be considerate.

How do I get an extension?

For every completed battle, you will earn 1/2 of an extension. This means you will need to complete 2 comics to earn a single extension. Read more here.