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Comic matches have a 1 week voting period. Any registered user that has been registered for more than 1 week can vote on a comic. Comic votes are monitored, so you must vote fairly. Cheating members will be banned.
You will judge each comic in 3 categories:


You should not only consider the skill of the artist, but also their presentation. If a comic is sloppy, hard to read, huge, unfinished etc, this should be factored into your quality score too. Consider the amount of effort the artist put into their work.


This score can be applied to both the story and the art. Did the artist do something unexpected? Was their story line the same thing they always write?


By far, this is the most subjective category. Consider if the comic made you have any sort of emotional reaction or not. Did it surprise you in anyway? Was it boring? Would you read it again?

Voting Tips

1 – Hated it
5 – Average
10 – Amazing

Use those as a guide if you are unsure of how to vote. Extremely low and extremely high scores are usually rare. Everyone has their own personal system for how they determine a vote.

Again, votes are secret from normal members, but they are reviewed by moderators to ensure voting remains fair.
If you vote all 10’s for a friend¬†and all 1’s for the competition, then your vote will be removed. Vote fairly to ensure you are not banned.

Winning and Losing

After the voting period has ended, the person with the most points wins. There is no canon in Void, so you can either take your comic or their comic as canon if you lose.

Void has a ranking system for both the characters and the artists. Ranks are determined by 3 factors: Number of comics completed, win/loss ratio, and scores received during voting.