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Election Royale

Record Priority
Dates: ~ Jan 4 – Feb 15
Format: Battle Royale – Fight to be the “Mayor of Void” – (please note that there is no Void canon, this is simply storyline prompt for this tournament).


Lovechild 2

Open Priority 
Dates: ~ Feb 22 – May 3
Format: Speed Death Tournament, 2-person teams create a new character – a child of their two characters to fight to the death.


Dungeon Master of Disaster

Selective Priority
Dates: ~ May 10 – June 7
Format: Multi-Round elimination based in a fantasy world



Open priority
~ May 3 – ???
Format: Site-wide event shrouded in mystery, something Void has never seen before…

Heavyweight 2021

Score Priority
Dates: ~Jul 1 – Aug 12
Format: Battle Royale against the heaviest hitting artists Void has to offer.

Light-Speed Death Tournament 2021

Open Priority
Dates: ~Aug 23 – Sep 27
Format: Light-speed (4 day drawing time) death tournament. Single elimination until 1 character remains alive.


Bark vs bite

Selective Priority
Dates: ~ Oct 4 – Dec 26
Format: Werewolves vs Vampires Swiss style

For the calendar this year we have decided to list the priorities of each event when it comes to choosing entrants.  Each event will have its own criteria for how it determines who gets a spot and here’s a brief rundown of what each priority means:

Record Priority means that staff will take the weight of your record into account when choosing cuts and the specifics of these cuts are announced in the rules leading up to the event.  (i.e. this may include incomplete submissions, collaborative records, defaults, etc.) We do not factor in wins or loses, simply the quality of your recent work and effort shown.  

Open Priority means that the event is open to one and all regardless of record but needing a Battlepass at minimum.  As long as you show interest, you’re welcome to join.

Selective Priority means that the event has specific limitations based on character traits and/or race.  (i.e. toons only, magical girls, fantasy races, etc.)  If the number of entrants exceeds the tournament restrictions then selection will default to record priority.

Score Priority means that we take the same things that record priority takes into consideration, but we also factor in your scores on quality, creativity and entertainment. This is usually reserved for things like Heavyweight and Armageddon events.


We wish to point out that while these events have been decided by staff with the hopes that they will be fun and entertaining for the community, unforeseen circumstances may cause the schedule to change.  In certain cases such as lovechild if roster limitations are not met, the length of the event may change and it may not run the full length indicated on the calendar year.

As always we welcome event ideas by the community and we will do our best to accommodate and moderate such events.  If there is an urgent idea you wish to attempt, members are always welcome to petition and find enough entrants to do closed events where entrants are not decided by staff.