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Battle Drawing Time Extensions

By November 16, 2020No Comments

EnterVOID uses an automated extension system. Each time you complete a comic, you are awarded half an extension. This means you must complete two comics before you have earned an extension.

To use an extension, look in the upper right hand corner below the deadline info in your battle and look for the button with the exclamation point in it. A menu should pop up when you put your mouse over the button and there should be a link in there to extend your battle. You are allowed to extend your drawing time by one week.

You cannot use extensions on the last day of a match, on comics with one week drawing times, and on scar and death matches.

Additionally, you may request a free one-day extension under the following circumstances:

  1. All involved parties must agree. The easiest way is to email
  2. The comic must be a REGULAR match. Tournament, scar and death matches cannot get the extension—these are still high risk comic types, and they will stay that way.
  3. An extension hasn’t already been used on the battle. Either use up a week extension or take a free day, you can’t have both.

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